USA women Hockey wins Gold over Canada

The United States beat Canada 3-2 out of a sudden-passing shootout to win Winter Olympics gold in the ladies' ice hockey without precedent for a long time. The scores were level at 2-2 after five extra shots each, yet USA's Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson scored past Shannon Szabados before Maddie Rooney spared from Canada's Meghan Agosta. Canada [...]

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BREAKING NEWS; US Embassy in Montenegro attacked with grenade,

The U.S. Embassy in the Balkan territory of Montenegro was assaulted Thursday by an individual equipped with a hand explosive, who flung the grenade at the compound before exploding himself. The territory was closed by the police and the consulate cautioned Americans to maintain a strategic distance from the zone due to "a dynamic security [...]

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North Korea could be completely broke by October.

Kim Jong Un's income is relied upon to run dry by October if worldwide authorizations keep devastating his administration's economy, a South Korean administrator said Wednesday, following a long time of bits of gossip about North Korea's budgetary misfortunes. Kang Seok-ho, of the Liberty Korea Party, said amid a gathering his appraisal on North Korea's [...]

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Chinese Model angers China over her New Years statement

Chinese model Liu Wen has started a reaction in the wake of sending another year's message to fans on Instagram. Liu utilized the expression "Upbeat Lunar New Year", as opposed to "Chinese New Year", provoking some Chinese web-based social networking clients to blame her for ignoring her legacy. The supermodel has since changed her message [...]

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KFC running out of chickens, shutting down stores

Its site shows that 646 of the fast-food chain's 900 outlets in its UK-based division were closed starting at 11:25 on Tuesday morning. That contrasts and 575 that were shut down at 21:00 on Monday. A week ago, the seared chicken chain exchanged its conveyance contract to DHL, which has faulted "operational issues" for the [...]

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DO NOT FART on a plane

A pilot made a crisis arrival after a battle broke out finished a traveler who professedly declined to quit passing gas. Two Dutchmen sitting alongside the pompous traveler purportedly requested that the man stop, however he denied and kept on flatulating on board the Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam Schiphol. The spending aircraft [...]

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Sanctions are working on North Korea, they are hurting.

North Korea will expect to pad the effect of worldwide endorses by fortifying ties with South Korea, a North Korea master revealed to News 1 on Sunday. In the midst of expectation that a between Korean summit may soon happen, Moon Geun-shik, an expert at Korea Defense and Security Forum said the North "will keep [...]

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Kate Middleton Defies Protocal.

Middleton, who is expecting her third tyke with Prince William, had a dark velvet lace underneath her bust. She decorated with a dark grasp and foot sole areas alongside emerald gems. The British regal family for the most part avoids getting included with political issues of any sort. Individuals from the illustrious family are urge [...]

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Plane crash kills all 65 on board

An Iranian business plane smashed on Sunday in a foggy, rugged locale of southern Iran, likely killing each of the 65 individuals on load up, state media detailed. An Aseman Airlines ATR-72, a twin-motor turboprop utilized for short-remove territorial flying, went down close to its goal of the southern Iranian city of Yasuj, exactly 780 [...]

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