Leana Wen out as president of Planned Parenthood due to …

By Daniel Uria  (0) Planned Parenthood announced the departure of president Leana Wen, who cited "philosophical differences" as the reason for her exit. Photo by John Angelillo/UPI | License Photo July 16 (UPI) -- Planned Parenthood on Tuesday announced the departure of president Leana Wen, who said they had engaged in negotiations about "philosophical differences" about the future [...]

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SFPD illegally obtained DNA in ‘Rideshare Rapist’ case

By Daniel Uria  (0) July 17 (UPI) -- A year ago, San Francisco prosecutors announced they'd captured the man known as the "Rideshare Rapist" -- a driver responsible for a string of Bay Area sexual assaults. But a judge in the case is now hearing from multiple people the DNA evidence against him was obtained illegally [...]

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Missouri woman tracks down her stolen SUV, takes it back

By Ben Hooper  (0) July 15 (UPI) -- A Missouri woman whose car was stolen while she was picking up her daughter performed some detective work of her home and stole the vehicle back. Danielle Reno of Kansas City said she was only out of her Toyota 4Runner for a few short moments while picking up [...]

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U.S. should skip moon, head for Mars, Apollo 11’s Michael Collins says

Michael Collins practices in a simulator on June 19, 1969, at Kennedy Space Center. Apollo 11 landed on the lunar surface weeks later on July 20. File Photo courtesy of NASA | License Photo ORLANDO, Fla., July 15 (UPI) -- Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins is glad to hear more talk about missions to Mars as Saturday's 50th anniversary [...]

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Puerto Rico governor faces calls to resign over leaked chat

By Clyde Hughes  (0) Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello is seen during a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House on October 19, 2017.  File Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI | License Photo July 15 (UPI) -- Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello is under pressure to resign after leaked online private group chats between he and [...]

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Watch: U.S. Coast Guard apprehends narco-sub with 16,000 pounds of cocaine

By Darryl Coote  (1) July 12 (UPI) -- Vice President Mike Pence called the seizure of more than 39,000 pounds of cocaine and 933 pounds of marijuana worth a combined $569 million by the U.S. Coast Guard "historic." At the Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, Calif., Pence congratulated the crews of three Coast Guard cutters [...]

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Hawaii wildfire forces evacuations, cuts power in Maui

July 12 (UPI) -- A wildfire has burned more than 3,000 acres on Maui, Hawaii, forcing residents to evacuate to shelters while firefighters regrouped overnight. Flames in the cities of Kihei and Maalaea burned out of control, officials said, briefly diverting air traffic from Kahului Airport, shutting down several roads and causing power outages throughout the island. [...]

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U.S. seeks to create coalition to protect ships in waters near Iran,

By Darryl Coote  (0) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford said the United States should know which countries will participate in the coalition in the next few weeks. Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI | License Photo July 10 (UPI) -- The United States aims to create a coalition to protect shipping vessels in the Strait [...]

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British ambassador to U.S. quits after leaked comments about Trump

By Nicholas Sakelaris  (0) British Ambassador to the United States Kim Darroch resigned Wednesday after leaks exposed his criticism of President Donald Trump. File Photo by Michael Reynolds/EPA-EFE July 10 (UPI) -- British ambassador Kim Darroch resigned Wednesday after leaked memos showed he criticized President Donald Trump as "insecure" and "incompetent." Darroch said in a letter to the [...]

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2 Marines charged with taking bribes to …..

U.S. Border Patrol agents guard a fence that divides the United States and Mexico at Border Field State Park in San Diego, Calif. File Photo by Ariana Drehsler/UPI | License Photo July 9 (UPI) -- Two U.S. Marines in Southern California have been accused of accepting cash payments to transport undocumented immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border. U.S. Border [...]

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