Stephen King slammed for ‘cruel’ joke about Melania Trump

Stephen King found himself in hot water for a tweet many felt was insensitive about first lady Melania Trump's recent surgery. The first lady underwent surgery Monday morning for a benign kidney condition and is expected to remain hospitalized for "the duration of the week." The famous author tweeted shortly after the White House's announcement. [...]

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Kayaker falls into water near great white shark

Helicopter Video Shows Great White Shark Lurks Around Kayaker in Santa Cruz County Storyful May 10 (UPI) -- A helicopter tour company captured video of the scary moment a kayaker fell into the water with a great white shark off the California coast. A video posted to YouTube by Specialized Helicopter Tours shows Giancarlo Thomae [...]

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Lethal Weapon’ reportedly fires main star….

It seems Fox’s “Lethal Weapon” TV series is in some serious trouble for Season 3 as reports indicate its main star’s bad behavior has prompted the minds behind the drama to make efforts to recast him before a potential renewal. “Lethal Weapon,” which is one of the network’s higher-rated dramas, has reportedly been having trouble [...]

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Boy Scouts dropping ‘boy’ from name

The Boy Scouts of America announced changes Wednesday to its flagship program, which include dropping the word "boy" from its name. The organization, headquartered near Dallas, will retain the Boy Scouts name -- but the program for members aged 10 to 17 will be called "Scouts USA" beginning next February. A campaign to recruit members [...]

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Waffle House hero does it again !

James Shaw Jr. is the 29-year-old man who came upon Nashville Waffle House white Christian terrorist Travis Reinking and disarmed him before further bloodshed could occur. Shaw Jr. has been adamant that he isn’t and doesn’t feel like a “hero,” as many have called him. Besides being a good guy without a gun, James Shaw [...]

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‘Smallville’ actress accused of sex trafficking freed on $5M bail

A federal judge in Brooklyn set actress Allison Mack's bail at $5 million Tuesday as she faces charges for sex trafficking for an alleged cult leader. The 35-year-old actress, best known for her role on Smallville, will be allowed to serve home detention at her parents' house in Los Alamitos, Calif. Variety reported Mack is [...]

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The truth about Rachel Ray

Nobody saw Rachael Ray's world domination coming. The short, bubbly ball of energy has an empire of magazines, TV shows, and websites that perhaps only the mighty Oprah eclipses. Given Ray's humble beginnings and seemingly grounded disposition, it's easy to see why she's become popular. But just when you think you know everything about her…  [...]

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Minnesota firehouse welcomes teens for #BlizzardProm photo shoot

A group of everyday Minnesota heroes are now being praised as the heroes of a local school's prom. On April 14, an unexpected and ferocious winter storm left students at Forest Lake Area High School without a venue to take photos for the highly anticipated spring dance. But just hours before prom was scheduled to [...]

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Johnny Manziel reportedly dropped from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for being

Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel was rumored to have been asked to join the next season of “Dancing with the Stars,” but the show reportedly decided he was “too controversial” to join. The hit reality show is slated to announce the cast for its latest season Friday, which will only consist of just athletes this [...]

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See why Stacey Dash drops congressional seat bid, says ….

Former “Clueless” co-star Stacey Dash ended her long-shot congressional bid in Southern California, saying the “bitterness” in politics and the “rigors” of campaigning have been detrimental to her family. Dash, who was running as a Republican, made the announcement Friday on Twitter, saying it was not an easy decision to make. “I started this run [...]

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