More than 80 percent of Americans think North Korea and cyber-based terrorism are the most critical threats to the United States, a new Gallup Poll Monday showed.

Respondents were asked to categorize six topics as a “critical threat” — and 82 percent identified North Korean development of nuclear weapons development.

While the percentage of those who regard North Korea as a critical threat has not changed in the past five years, 51 percent of respondents now regard Pyongyang as the greatest enemy of the United States — an increase of 10 percent from Gallup’s 2012 survey.

Cyberterrorism was identified as a critical threat by 81 percent, and 75 percent placed international terrorism in the same category.

The number of those who view cyberterrorism as a critical threat increased 8 points from 2016, when 73 percent called it a top concern.

China’s economic power was rated as “important but not critical” by 45 percent of respondents. Another 40 percent labeled it a critical threat.

Thirty-nine percent voiced immigration in the United States as a critical threat, while 31 percent said it is important but not critical and 29 percent said it’s not important.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict was put by 48 percent in the “important” category — with 36 percent saying it’s critical… read more