NASA has released incredible footage of a Martian panorama that was snapped by the Curiosity rover.

It gives us an unprecedented look at the Gale Crater and was taken from high up on the Vera Rubin Ridge.

The space agency also showed off a quirky selfie of the Curiosity, which celebrated its 14th year on Mars this month.

The Curiosity is NASA’s longest-running rover and has traveled more than 28 miles since 2004.

The rover has proved to be a treasure trove of stunning Martian images, sending back over 224,000 snaps since it first arrived on the red planet.

It’s currently exploring the Perseverance Valley — where the new pictures were taken — which is a giant channel that scientists say was likely carved by a fluid.

Curiosity’s impressive panorama spans more than 30 miles and shows the route that the rover has taken since 2012.

The snaps were taken on Curiosity’s continual trek toward Mount Sharp.

NASA’s Andrew Good said: “When Curiosity landed on Mars five years ago, the team’s intention was to study lower Mount Sharp, where the rover will remain for all of its time on Mars.”

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“The mountain’s base provides access to layers formed over millions of years.”

“These layers formed in the presence of water — likely due to a lake or lakes where sediments accumulated, which formed these layers inside Gale Crater.”

All of the new pictures were taken as …   read more