HGTV host Carter Oosterhouse accused of sexual misconduct

Carter Oosterhouse, the star of HGTV’s Trading Places, has been accused of sexual misconduct by a former employee.

A makeup artist on Carter Oosterhouse’s HGTV show Carter Can is accusing the host of coercing her to perform oral sex after he threatened her employment.

Kailey Kaminsky told The Hollywood Reporter that she worked as Oosterhouse’s makeup artist in 2008. Oosterhouse, who had found initial fame on TLC’s Trading Spaces, began pestering Kaminsky for oral sex a year into her employment on Carter Can, she alleges.

HGTV personality Carter Oosterhouse says his relationship

HGTV personality Carter Oosterhouse says his relationship with makeup artist Kailey Kaminsky was “100% mutual.”

“He’s like, ‘You know what would be a good idea? If you went down on me,'” she said. “I was shocked — it was so random. I said, in my sarcastic way, ‘Well, that’s not sexual harassment at all.’ He said, ‘I just think it would be fun.’ I made it clear that I did not think it would be fun. Still, I thought he was just goofing around … It was as if he had tunnel vision. He was determined to get (oral sex).”

Kaminsky, who identifies as a lesbian, claimed that she repeatedly rebuffed Oosterhouse’s advances until his requests became intimidating and he threatened her job.

“He pulled off the road and said, ‘Do you enjoy your job?'” she recalled. “I said I did and in fact would like to work more, handling more of his personal appearances outside the show. He said, ‘Well, I can help you with that. But you need to do something for me.'”

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According to Kaminsky, she eventually submitted to his requests between 10 and 15 times, She says she spoke to two female producers on Carter Can about Oosterhouse’s behavior, but at the time, she was not ready to acknowledge the extent of the abuse.

“I was trying to find a narrative to make myself feel better,” she explained. “I told myself that this is giving me power. I definitely went out of my way to pretend it was something that I was participating in willfully … It was Stockholm Syndrome-y, justifying-what-you’re-doing.”


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